Modular kiosk

Should I go for Modular or Custom?


Personalization is the word of the day, with many companies striving to provide unique content to appeal to each individual user. It’s a benefit that can be more or less obvious from the outside, but one that translates to enhanced functionality optimizing customer experience for your audience.

When we interact with a personalized element, we feel that we are being considered as an individual. Customization has a strong appeal that weighs in when companies think about including an interactive terminal, since it must match the aesthetics of the deployment location but also the company’s overall image and communication strategy. Working with the Design and Engineering Teams to develop a custom solution results in a final product that has a special focus on the purpose it will serve and its relationship with the user.

However, in today’s fast paced marketplace, needs are constantly evolving, and companies must plan ahead.


Enter Modular Kiosks.

Modular Kiosks are single products that comprise distinct, pre-assembled components. These can easily be added, removed or altered to reflect distinct functionalities – for instance, adding a payment terminal to an interactive kiosk provides the hardware to enable the payment function for that kiosk.

While not a solution as widespread as custom or turnkey, modular kiosks are a great answer for adapting to changing needs. These kiosks are developed with focus on longevity, allied with adaptability and functionality.

Due to their distinct development process, modular kiosks are easily upgradeable and allow to answer a multitude of needs by altering the modules to reflect market demand or promotional actions.

They are a sustainable option as well. Since the kiosks are repurposed, their lifespan extends and their perceived obsolescence happens at a later stage, maximizing the return on investment.


Beatriz Eiras

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