Outdoor kiosk solutions

Outdoor Kiosks


Outdoor kiosks are a great format to share content with a vast and diverse audience. They bring the usually indoor-focused tech environment outside, where you can have the same digital experience, enhanced by a freer atmosphere.


For a heightened experience, outdoor kiosks have some particularities to heed, which include the brightness of the display as well as being able to sustain inclement weather (whether it rains or shines the kiosk stands tall and proud) and poor user treatment. As a result, these are usually bulky pieces of urban furniture that have an active participation both in a location’s experience and its overall aesthetic appeal (whether it complements it or acts in its detriment). Ideally, every interactive kiosk would be developed with the deployment location in mind. Market demands, however, have turned these solutions into standard pieces of equipment leaving aside its aesthetic factor.



At Moobo we are very careful with each terminal’s development, and outdoor terminals are no exception. In fact, it is a challenge we tackle with gusto due to their complexity and potential impact in the city environment. We truly believe we can improve every day life with small adjustments – case in point, by taking into account the whole environment where each interactive kiosk will be deployed, we are able to provide interesting and complementing solutions.


Our Design Process is what sets Moobo apart, resulting in innovative, aesthetically appealing solutions that answer each customer’s specific needs and wants.



Beatriz Eiras

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