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Should I go for Modular or Custom?

  Personalization is the word of the day, with many companies striving to provide unique content to appeal to each individual user. It’s a benefit that can be more or less obvious from the outside, but one that translates to […]

Outdoor Kiosks

  Outdoor kiosks are a great format to share content with a vast and diverse audience. They bring the usually indoor-focused tech environment outside, where you can have the same digital experience, enhanced by a freer atmosphere.   For a […]

Choosing a CMS

  A Content Management System (CMS) for digital signage is widely understood as a software application that assigns scheduled content to one or more displays.   CMS not only puts content in front of customers taking advantage of the best time for ROI […]

Does design matter in multimedia kiosks and digital signage?

  The Design Council published a study in 2005, regarding Design’s impact on profit, where the portfolios of 63 companies traded on the FTSE were considered. It was found that, in the United States, over the ten-year period between 1995 […]

Smart Cities

  Smart cities – what are they? A smart city can be described as a vision to integrate information and communication technologies, as well as the IoT, within an urban region in a secure way, in order to manage its […]

NITS and Digital Signage

  With digital signage being present in most public places – from entertainment venues to educational institutions or businesses – it is viewed every day by over 70% of the population. It is used to engage with audiences (old and […]

An intro to Digital Signage

  Digital signage is made up from different parts working together. While hard to define, there are some indispensable components present across the board, such as hardware, software, connectivity and content. By Hardware we mean the physical components necessary (which change […]