custom development

Targeting specific needs with exclusive interactive solutions assures full end user satisfaction.

We work closely with our customers, allowing us to assist in identifying particular needs, which can be met through developing and manufacturing custom and exclusive interactive solutions.

Our creative process is sustained by deep experience and industrial processes’ knowledge. As we develop products starting with conception and follow all the stages through to implementation, we can offer the perfect solution for each need, providing our customers with the best end user experience possible, following our customer’s guidelines and requirements.

Custom Development Selfie machine
Custom Development Coffee Table
Custom Development for Fintech Crypto Bitcoin

Our process

Moobo Custom Interactive Solutions Briefing

Clear communication is key for any design process – both with the customer and within the design team. Each project’s briefing is a great tool; it allows every stakeholder to be kept in the loop regarding development or decisions, resulting in a better outcome, due to an enhanced process throughout each stage.

Moobo Custom Interactive Solutions Design

Every stage is handled in-house, leading to innovative, useful products that fulfil consumers’ needs and vision. By choosing to work with us, you’ll benefit from a deep concern for aesthetics, and constant product and business sustainability, cost analysis, and life cycle characteristics. This drives down full life costs, delivering higher Return on Investment.

Moobo Custom Interactive Solutions Assembling

Our creative ability is linked with a step-by-step process (from conceptualization to mechanical engineering and prototyping to live testing) where we aim to optimize user experience, ergonomics and effective functionality, making products that are pleasurable to use and have added value, in order to create the best solution on the market.

Moobo Custom Interactive Solutions Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process reflects our love for detail and precision. With over a decade’s experience in the field, we know the importance of rigorous and resilient quality control at each stage. Each project has its particular demands when it comes to manufacturing processes, so we’ve carefully curated our manufacturing chain to be composed by the best professionals and the highest-grade machinery available.

Moobo Custom Interactive Solutions Assembling

The thorough QC/QA standards we implement demand attention to the lowermost details, ensuring the high quality of the products and services we offer. Keeping with the highest standards of excellence, we provide professional services in assembling and installing our products, following the best practices and safety compliances with CE, UL, and FCC certifications.

Moobo Custom Interactive Solutions Deployment

We have established strategic partnerships with technology companies and field technicians, to provide a quality service with installation and assistance, in an efficient manner and reduced time frame. Our partnerships with key logistic companies allow us to deliver products around the globe swiftly and safely. We offer an efficient after-sales service, following our standard warranty procedures, arranging replacements or repairs with fast turnaround time.

Learn more about our custom development process by visiting our unique case-studies.​

Parking Wayfinding

The largest software company in the world is modernizing its headquarters in Washington and Moobo was chosen as a key player. Our mission was clear: to develop a bespoke smart parking solution.

Les Franciscaines

Optimizing the experience through a space that shares the purposes of library, museum, auditorium and other flexible spaces required to think through the space

Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet

VIA Outlets, with shopping centres located in some of Europe’s best travel destinations, intended to upgrade their visitors’ experience in Vila do Conde Porto Fashion

Moobo Livraria Lello - Front

Livraria Lello

A secular bookshop in Oporto’s city centre, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, Livraria Lello has a unique environment.

Request quote for custom development

If your needs are too specific for what we offer within our product line, fill in the form with the specifications of your project and we’ll make sure to assist you with developing the perfect custom-made solution to target and answer your problem.

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