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Parking Wayfinding

The largest software company in the world is modernizing its headquarters in Washington. In this transformative journey, Moobo has been chosen as a key player. Our mission was clear: to develop a bespoke smart parking solution. This innovation was vital to address the emerging parking challenges on campus. Our approach was driven by durability and inclusivity, ensuring a seamless and efficient parking experience for all users, enhanced by the latest technology.
Our roles
Conceptual Design
Industrial Design

Highly functional, outdoor-ready kiosks. Bringing technology, accessibility and endurance together

Our kiosks are designed to provide a seamless experience for campus users to easily register and locate their parked vehicles. Focusing on accessibility, we ensured inclusivity for wheelchair users and the visually impaired. Recognizing the importance of resilience against outdoor elements and frequent human use, these kiosks were built to withstand these challenges, ensuring durability and reliability in everyday interactions.
Our kiosk design prioritizes universal accessibility, complying with ADA standards. It facilitates easy access for wheelchair users and clear visibility. Braille tags for each function cater to the visually impaired, and a custom Text-To-Speech module aids in auditory navigation of on-screen content. Robustness was also a focal point. We chose aluminum for resilience against outdoor conditions and incorporated a retractable module with an antivandal keyboard to endure frequent use. This design ensures both accessibility and durability in daily interactions.
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