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Coming from a close relationship that dates back to 2013, Lamassu has entrusted Moobo to grow and optimize their expanding product family, counting with 7 original designs to date. Our contribution continues after the design process is finalized and ready to manufacture; we are also in charge of manufacturing and assembling each machine. To ensure the final solutions fully withstand Lamassu’s requirements and guidelines, we’ve implemented several quality related processes, ensuring compliance with the QA standards the end user expects.
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Design and manufacture the first Bitcoin ATM of the world.

With Lamassu’s first briefing, led by the evolution on currency exchange, we were challenged with a unique purpose: to develop and build a hardware solution that would facilitate the currency transaction with alternative currencies – an ATM in every word, only with specific system requests to ensure compliance with several guidelines and customer requests. Through the years, the evolution has led to additional requests, which we happily take on; each is an opportunity to further and consolidate our expertise.
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Steadily assisting Lamassu to build their product family, Moobo is present through all the design stages, prototyping and manufacturing their products – from the sturdy, budge-proof solution to the nimble, flexible and compact. Standard models, with accounted-for variations, allows us to perfect the manufacturing process to a ‘T’, standardizing certain operations and optimizing efficiency and QA.
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The first alternative currency ATM to ever reach the market, Trofa offered the possibility to trade fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and jump-started the industry.

Trofa was developed to be a small and function focused machine, to provide a clean operation and user experience. As the first of its kind, it required a well-grounded design process, to ensure every customer requirement was met.

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Trofa’s natural evolution – Douro – allowed to perfect not only user experience, through the update of specific elements (adjusting angles, for instance), but mostly to implement enhanced components – the display size being the most obvious update. The focus remains with increasing functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. The feedback provided by Trofa played quite the part with this development, as we now had a starting point to work from.

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Santo Tirso & Braga

Up until now, the requested solutions were related with the main functionalities of the machines. As we were providing countertop solutions, soon came the obvious need to provide a suitable stand. During the development stage for the stand, designed with the same design philosophy as Douro’s and providing a seamless juxtaposition between the two elements, we had an additional request – provide a solution that enabled a cash-out option (Santo Tirso), so that users could use the machine both to trade cash for crypto and sell the crypto to receive cash in real time. Additionally, security always playing an important part in customer’s expectations, we made sure these stands were able to be bolted to the Douro’s vault on top and anchored to the floor on the bottom.

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Sintras & Douro II

In 2018 Lamassu required an upgraded version of Douro as well as a standing solution that would be a differentiator in the market. To match the development of the components within, Lamassu asked for two solutions that would have quite a few special features to add to their function centered devices – Douro II and Sintra.

After providing countertop solutions and compatible stands, the next logical iteration was to develop a standing solution, as flexible as possible to accommodate every version deemed essential from previous feedback and general market demand. Hence comes Sintra. Debuted in the market in two main versions (where the distinction is featuring a vault in the Forte variant), Sintra was developed to easily allow the integration of an optional printer, two-way system, an auditable lock or a plinth (the last in the vaulted version only).

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Feeling the need to introduce a more affordable and youthful product in the market, we were asked to develop Gaia. Similar in function to Douro II, Gaia features refreshing aesthetics with a play with angles to create a link with its older relatives. During development it was key to be able to provide similarly high quality components but in a simplified way, so that the costs were closely managed to answer our customer’s requirement.

Fintech Interactive Kiosks - Lamassu 01
Sintras re-design

Once again working from customer feedback, as well as past experience, the Sintras were redesigned. We took the lessons learned from the previous solution and worked on development both from the user and operator’s point of view, as well as from manufacturing and maintenance perspectives. The result is a solution with exact ergonomic heights, improved viewing angle and display size, as well as LED indicators, ensuring the user’s confidence through the operation.

Just wait and see what comes next!
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