Les Franciscaines - Case Study
- 2020

Les Franciscaines

Les Franciscaines, a history-full building that dates from 1875 was acquired in 2012 by the city of Deauville, which decided to submit a competition for its renovation, awarded to The Moatti & Rivière agency. We were then reached with the purpose of providing the integration of solutions to enhance all the experiences featured.
Our roles
Design Consultancy
Industrial Design
Franciscaines Museum Shot Library

Optimizing the user's experience, complementing a space repurposed into a venue of innovative culture

This was the briefing that was presented to us. Bringing together different experiences under the same roof, the renovated space would feature several dedicated areas, such as library, museum, auditorium, and other flexible rooms – this particularity required us to think through the space, to provide multimedia and interactive solutions to complement the information available to visitors without taking away from the focal points in each area.
Franciscaines Museum Shot Children Library
Franciscaines Museum Shot Sofas
Franciscaines Museum Shot table
Franciscaines Museum Shot interaction
Original Designs
Solutions deployed
Taking in the ambiance in each area of Les Franciscaines renovation, we started by implementing a clean aesthetic philosophy to the functional purposes we were requested. With some inputs from the already present elements, we aimed to develop a cohesive global approach as the terminals would be spread through the different areas according to each’s purpose. After the development stage, which included manufacturing functional prototypes to achieve actual validation both from the functional and aesthetic assessments, we moved forward to producing and assembling the final solutions. Developed to be both attractive yet unobstructive, the interactive solutions we’ve developed allow the focus to remain in the surrounding space, providing elegant assistance so the visitors’ attention is focused on the plethora of structural details and employed materials. Once the user is interested in additional information, there are dedicated terminals to enjoy audio, visual or multimedia content that complement the experience.
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