About moobo

We deliver pervasive and optimized multimedia kiosk and digital signage solutions.

We have broad experience in kiosk and digital information hardware development, and we offer turnkey products as well as customized solutions. Whatever the requirement or specification, we deliver.

Guided by the end-user and allied to a deep knowledge of methodologies and materials, our development process is continuously based on innovation and design. We strive to keep improving, aiming to provide each of our clients with the best solutions, methods and practises in the market.

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our story

Stemmed from Suush

We are driven by our passion for design in its many roles – with the ultimate goal of reaching a product that provides a great user experience, taking into account all the requirements our customer presents at the beginning of the process as well as the values and methodologies we hold at our core.

Applying a holistic philosophy throughout the processes, we view the project as a whole. We are able to assess the role each part plays, which makes for a well-grounded decision-making process and allows us to deliver a user focused, seamless experience, essential to the enjoyment of our solutions!

our focus

Product development

Within our product line there are adjustments we need to implement in each request we receive – either to integrate a specific make and model , or an additional component, product development is at our core.

Customized solutions

To answer particular requests, we advise choosing to develop a custom solution, targeted to the customer’s specific needs and target audience.

our team
Cláudio Castro
CEO & Creative Director
Samuel Campos
industrial designer
Beatriz Eiras
Operations & Marketing
Vera Marques
Anthony Lopes
Anthony (Tony)
Cláudio Castro
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