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Who we are

We are passionate. We are creative. We project and deliver pervasive and optimized multimedia kiosk and digital signage solutions to answer a wide range of requirements.

We are young. Our team is growing, both in expertise and size. We have broad experience in kiosk and digital information hardware development, and we offer turnkey products as well as customized solutions.

Allied to a deep knowledge of methodologies and materials, our development process is continuously based on innovation and design. We strive to keep improving – we aim to provide each of our clients with the best solutions, methods and practises in the market.

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What we do

At Moobo, we create, develop and manufacture customized solutions, combining an efficient technical background with high quality, reliable processes that result in great products, providing the best integrated solution for each need.

We offer cohesive, high-end products, envisioning pioneering strategies and embracing ambitious challenges. The research of materials and industrial processes is the core foundation of our business, reaching to our partners with reliable and efficient know-how.

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Why we do it

Finding the best approach and solution to each client’s specific need is what drives us. Being passionate for design, we go above and beyond to guarantee we achieve the best result, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.

Guiding the creative process, by means of the technological wave, is the end user. We keep Moobo’s solutions and processes user focused. That’s how we provide a seamless experience, essential to the enjoyment of our solutions!

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How we think

Our approach is to work closely with our partners, to make sure every solution meets each particular need.

Each customized product has added value, from multimedia kiosks to signage hardware. We can provide solutions with fully integrated equipment such as high-resolution screens, multi-touch solutions, printers, scanners and many more.

Implementing “out of the box” solutions is only possible because we’re design-oriented. We are serious about its integrated, three phase process: rigorous insight, creative design and valuable implementation.


Our perseverance has no limits, we leverage our process to achieve the best results.


Design is our motto and this is the way we ensure our partners the most innovative solutions.


It is the most important factor of our business.


Social and ecological responsibility is our main framework.

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